CZRPG welcomes you to Dungeon Con Online !

CZRPG aims to provide amazing content in fantastic presentation supported by gorgeous maps. The goal is to help DMs save time and make them look like pros. Be it adventures, supplements or maps, our products allow you to focus on what matters: your world, your players and their characters. 

Come talk to us live at DCO booth at the times below to find out how we can help you out with out products and services:

  • May 28th, Friday: 8 to 9PM (EST)
  • May 29th, Saturday: 12 to 1PM (EST) and 6 to 7PM (EST)
  • May 30th, Sunday: 12 to 1PM (EST) and 6 to 7PM (EST)

We selected a few products to showcase, which you can get at discounted prices. All of those are 50% OFF. Check them out!

The Great Trial Adventure Series

Aenor Gleenwith wants to leave a legacy before he dies and created challenging dungeons and demi-planes to test adventurers’ skills, inspired by Acererak and Halaster. In these adventures, the party will need to work together to escape Aenor’s twisted games and beat his Trials.

Encounters Supplements

Encounters are great tools to give the players a break from whatever quest they’re on. If well done, it could even tie with the overarching plot. The best thing about them is that they can be plugged and played very easily and they provide an enhanced experience with detailed maps to support each situation. The “Encounters” series from CZRPG aims to support official Wizards’ modules. 

Map Packs

With the pandemic, many groups have adopted VTT and this means an increased demand for maps. Detailed maps can make a lot of difference in the players’ experience and it’s not always easy to find them. Hopefully CZRPG got you covered!

Map Commissions

Do you have a specific need for a map and you can’t find any map that would fit this need anywhere? CZRPG can make your map happen the way you want it! Here are some of our most recent commissions:


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