When considering prices, there are a few things you should know.

Interested in working with me? Great to hear that! You can find below pricing information on fantasy cartography services and also writing. Let’s start with the latter.


My experience with writing comes mostly from adventure, encounters and monster design. I have created some cities too, but never any full homebrew setting. If you need help with any of this, my rate for writing is:

  • Deadline is within 1 month per 10.000 words: USD 0.05 per word
  • Deadline is within 2 weeks per 10.000 words: USD 0.10 per word


You can’t find the perfect fantasy map for your game or product you’re about release? Fret not! I create high quality maps that will impress your players or customers. Map rates vary greatly based on map size (squares), quantity of rooms within the map and complexity (multiple levels, floors, etc). Below are some examples but if you want to know more details, let’s talk. 

Also, if a commission takes less time than anticipated, I will charge you LESS than the original price agreed upon.

I do all kinds of maps:

  • Battlemaps
  • Settlement maps
  • Regional maps
  • Scene maps
  • Landscape maps
An administration fee of 5% is also charged for all the admin tasks, like invoicing, exporting the maps, communication, etc. 

Commercial Use

Not complex and/or moderated size

(20x20 to 40x40)

USD 50 to 100

Moderated complexity and/or larger size

(50x50 to 100x100)

USD 100 to 250

High complexity and/or very large size

(Bigger than 100x100)

USD 250+

Personal Use

For personal use, I charge half the price listed under Commercial Use but I retain the rights to use the map comercially with due credit to the map.

The prices above are examples so make sure to reach out to me so we can make your perfect map a reality.

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