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I’ve partnered with Jeremy from MimicMaps and together, we’ll provide you with awesome content to help you save prep time and impress your players! 

Jeremy is working on stunning maps, while I’m working on the D&D 5e content: detailed encounters, locations with lore and a plot to tied these encounters into adventures, new creatures with commissioned art, among others. Check some previews below, along with the map gallery (maps by Jeremy). 

Patreon Layout Preview

NOTE: the image above is meant to showcase the layout/artwork, not the content. Hence the lower quality.

January - The Troubled Vale

February - Rockfort

March - Cloudcaves

April - The Scarred Jungle

May - Wyvern Island

June - Aquacadent

July - Wyrm Lake

August - The Forsaken Bog

September - The Red Woods

October - The Skull Fort

November - The Great Library

December - The Shining Ring

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