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Nearly 2 Years as TTRPG Content Creator: It Works!

  I’ve been working with TTRPG on the side of my dayjob for 22 months now. I’m almost completing 2 years since my first sale, which happened on 2020, February 29th. I’ve already shared my experiences along the way, which you can find below. Now I’d like to talk about

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How to prepare for a Kickstarter

I had plans to write this post depending on how the first 24h of my Kickstarter went, and I got inspired too with Double Proficiency’s report on her highly successful campaign. My project didn’t fund in 10 minutes like hers, but I still feel very fortunate to have funded in 6h

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What I learned so far in TTRPG Marketing

Marketing is a highly complex topic. However I quickly learned that it is a key differentiator to achieve financial success in the TTRPG business. So even though I wasn’t too fond with the topic, I started to learn tricks here and there. I’d like to share some of these with

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Analysis between Solo and Collaboration projects on DMsGuild

And I’m back on blog posts focused on TTRPG content creators. This time I want to address an interesting topic: the differences between working alone (solo) and with other people (collabs). So far, I’ve worked a fair share on solo projects (both involving writing and/or cartography) but since 2021, I’ve

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Running Official Modules from Wizards

It’s been a while since I don’t address you, DMs! I’ve been focusing a bit more on content creators but I haven’t forgotten about you. There are all kinds of Dungeon Masters, but many share  a common situation: lack of time. We’ve all been there (I still am). You have

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How To Get Started in Cartography

Last month, in February, I talked about Reducing Production Costs And Increasing Profits With Cartography. However I didn’t go into details on cartography itself, so this is going to be the topic for March’s post.  Step 1: The Tool First thing you need to decide is HOW you will execute

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