A bleak, miserable land, the Domain of Dread known as Barovia is filled with countless horrors that oppress the Domain’s soulless inhabitants. Helpless against the Devil Strahd’s tyranny, Barovians eke out a living one day at a time, drowning their miseries in scant quantities of wine.

“Zeuch has a phenomenal understanding of what works with and an enhances a setting and campaign. Here he stakes his claim as Lord of Barovia even above those of the Von Zarovich and Perkins. Add some awesomeness to you time in Ravenloft, you will fangk me.” – Curse of Sebs

Encounters in Barovia is a 5e module that consists of 18 encounters that will enhance your Barovian experience! They ranged from 3rd-level to 8th-level, and touch all D&D pillars, all of the encounters supported by uniquely detailed maps.

What’s included?

  • An accessible, printer-friendly PDF with the content below (aside from maps, those are in the ZIP file)
  • A complete 48 pages PDF with the module, containing 18 encounters
    • 4 alternative versions of Curse of Strahd Special Events
    • 14 new encounters
    • Encounters maps
  • 3 new creatures
  • 2 new items
  • 17 unique detailed map, with a total of 130 counting their different version, including random encounter maps.
Check the layout preview below!
Barovia Preview
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