“There’s the unique feature of player characters dying and rising again, but with the features of something quite Barovian. Whether their souls get tainted or their bodies attract bugs, these unique Gothic flavors can help immerse them further into the setting.”  Cita A F

Dying in D&D is a big deal. These encounters for beyond life are fantastic, short, and attention gripping.” – Bob C.

“The Dark Lord Master of Dungeons Christian Von Zeuchovich is back in the Domains of Dread, following their bestselling Encounters in Barovia. […] What truly elevates and sets this supplement apart are the deliciously dark, mysterious and disturbing encounters that accompany each Dark Gift with chilling boxtext and evocative suggestions” – Curse of Sebs

Encounters with the Dark Powers is supplement that provides an alternative to death in Ravenloft, mainly useful for the Curse of Strahd module. Inspired by the Expanded Dark Gifts from Adventurer’s League, this supplement will allow your players’ characters to face the unknown through roleplay encounters.


The supplement contains 20 new Dark Gifts and an encounter for each of those. When a character from 1st to 5th-level dies, the DM can roll or pick an entry from the table and run a short, grim encounter where the Dark Powers will offer the character a chance to go back to life.

The product contains 2 PDFs:

  • A 20 pages PDFs with all guidelines, the Dark Gift table and all Encounters, along with high quality art;
  • A printer-friendly and accessible PDF.
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