“The thrill that precedes the Trial start is always welcome. I keep wondering if the participants will be up to my expections, how well they will fare in this challenge. Unfortunately, they often disappoint. Still, the thrill is there. Every time.”

– Aenor Gleenwith

This is truly one of the most exciting set pieces I’ve come across. […] Zeuch is a true Master of the Dungeon!” – Curse of Sebs

Will your party survive the frostbite Frostbite Gauntlet?

A sequel to The Great Trial, this module is an arctic, highly challenging gauntlet focused on exploration and combat, planned for fours 10th-level characters. The adventure can be also run as a one-shot or as part of any campaign for that level. For more information on The Great Trial, see at the end of this page.

The module is divided in two parts:

Chapter 1

The gauntlet itself, the party will be taken to a demi-plane against their will and from there, they have a simple goal: leave. However, a powerful undead guardian will make things difficult. The party needs to find some of the sources of power of Deathwings, the guardian, to weaken it and have a chance against it. 

Chapter 2

After leaving, the group will arrive at a cave complex made of stone and ice. A ancient dracolich names Icingdeath will chase the party, squeezing through the tight tunnels, always on the party’ heels.

Once out, the party is greeted by Aenor and offered their rewards.


In this module, you will find:

  • 42 pages
  • 17 new creatures
  • 4 new magic items
  • 12 unique maps (28 in total with their different versions)
Check the layout preview below!
Frostbite Preview
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