Svalich Woods Map Pack Cover

This product is perfect for your Barovian exploration! You will find a full-preview to give you an idea of the maps available in this product. Most of them have additional versions in order to fit different situations.

Alternatively, you can use this as creepy forest in any setting.


You may use these maps for both personal and commercial use. They can be altered, modified, cropped, or combined, but must maintain their original resolution. If you use these maps in commercial products, you must credit Christian Zeuch. You cannot resell these maps individually or collectively as their own product. In DriveThruRPG or DMsGuild, add Christian Zeuch as Artist.


This product presents 5 unique maps, each with different versions, with a total of 55 maps. All maps have 20×20 squares and a default resolution of 2048×2048 (and 1 alternative version at 4096×4096 each). The versions are:

  • Grid
  • Gridless
  • Gridless 4k
  • No Mist Griddes
  • No Mist Gridless
  • Rain Gridded
  • Rain Gridless
  • Night Gridded
  • Night Gridless
  • Tree Transparency Gridded
  • Tree Transparency Gridless
Map List:
  • Old Svalich Road 1 
  • Old Svalich Road 2
  • Svalich Woods 1
  • Svalich Woods 2 
  • Svalich Woods 3
Check the layout preview below!
Svalich Woods Preview
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