The War Wagon

Get a beautifully laid out 27 pages PDF, an accessible PDF and:

🐎 8 creatures
🐎 A nice VTT map of the War Wagon itself with 4 different versions



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“A large shipment of adamantine armor and weapons must be delivered to Fort Rosnok in a non-stop journey. This will require special attention and something few could ever imagine: the War Wagon, a heavily armored stagecoach built of oak and reinforced with adamantine hardware.”

Written by Andy “The Old Goat” Headley, The War Wagon is a 5e adventure designed for 3rd-level characters, in which the party will be able to either play as the robbers or the defenders of the War Wagon. A dynamic, fast paced, and mobile adventure which will thrill your players!

What’s included?

  • An accessible, printer-friendly PDF with the content below
  • A beautifully laid-out PDF of 27 pages, containing stunning artwork, the adventure and:
    • 8 NPCs with stat blocks
    • The War Wagon map with 4 versions:
      • Roofless Gridless
      • Roofless Gridded
      • Roofed Gridless
      • Roofed Gridded

Feedback or comments on the adventure are most welcome!

Layout Preview

The Full-Size Preview contains the entire product, but here’s a peek if you don’t want to wait for the PDF to load.

Preview of laid out pages.

Preview of laid out pages.

Preview of laid out pages.

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