Amazing Encounters & Places: The Hunt

An exciting 5e one-shot in which the party hunts for their hunter! Completely scalable from 1st to 20th-level!

It comes with over 70 map versions to run this adventure.



Amazing Encounters & Places was on Kickstarter from October 26th to November 26th, 2021. One of its add-ons is “The Hunt“, a one-shot for Dungeons and Dragons 5e in which youthe party faces off a powerful hunter: an alien creature with a knack for some good meat.

Here’s a summary of what you get in this PDF:

  • 11-pages gorgeously laid out with amazing artwork
  • An adventure mostly focused on Combat and Exploration, with a few Social interaction opportunities
  • 1 brand new legendary creature with custom artwork
    • A stat block for each Tier

This product accompanies a 60×60 highly detailed map, with the following variants and versions, all of which are based off the main map (gridded and gridless), for a total of 70 versions. The “Plain” is meant to be used with the one-shot, while the other versions (standard) allow you to use this map in many other situations, adding more details and points of interest to run your own adventure. There are 568MB of maps!

  • 60×60 maps versions (standard and Plain – 18 maps):
    • Standard 8k
    • Strandard 8k with Frames
    • Night 4k
    • Rain 4k
    • Tree Transparency 4k
  • 40×40 maps (standard and Plain – 16 maps):
    • 4 quadrants of the 60×60 map (standard and Plain, gridded and ungridded)
  • 20×20 maps (standard and Plain – 36 maps):
    • 9 quadrants of the 60×60 map (standard and Plain, gridded and ungridded)

Check a preview of the maps (standard and Plain) and of the layout:

Map Prewiew

Map Preview

Layout Preview



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