The Brotherhood of the Griffon



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The Brotherhood of the Griffon is a 5e adventure for 7th-8th level characters that is set in the nation of Thesk, in the Forgotten Realms. The party heads to Phsant, where the characters get the chance to investigate the Brotherhood of the Griffon whereabouts, more specifically their leader, Aoth Fezim.

It’s composed of three main chapters:

  • Exploring Phsant
  • Looking for the mercenaries in a mine
  • Looking for the mercenaries in a forest with a final showdown against a necromancer in a crypt

This adventure is inspired by the characters presented in the novels from Richard Lee Byers.

What’s included?

A beautifully laid out 30-page PDF containing stunning artwork and:

  • 2 new creatures: Aoth Fezim, the leader of the mercenary band, and the master assassin
  • 6 maps with 35 versions total
  • 13 stat blocks for your convenience
Feedback or comments on the adventure are most welcome!

The Team

The product was written by Priscilla Lagares. The editor was Kathleen Harrington. The layout was made by Steve Fidler, and Christian Zeuch managed the project and created the maps.


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