Encounters in Saltmarsh


Explore the Saltmarsh seas with this beautifully laid out PDF containing 46 pages, with fantastic artwork, plus:

🚢12 detailed encounters
🚢1 new creature
🚢16 unique maps (49 total)
🚢6 VTT Ship Tokens


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Written by Jack Duncan, Encounters in Salrmatsh is a 5e supplement that provides a series of encounters and events that will enrich the experience of your players when playing Ghosts of Saltmarsh. Some of the encounters are alternate versions of events presented in the official module, accompanying revamped, official maps in color for a better VTT experience. Others are follow-up or seek to explore more the official content.

What’s included?

A beautifully laid out 46-page PDF containing beautiful artwork and:

  • 12 encounters and micro-adventures
  • 1 new statblocks
  • 16 unique maps, 49 total with different versions that include DM, grid, gridless, etc
  • 6 Ship Tokens for your VTT experience
List of Maps (maps can be seen in the Full-Preview):
  • Locations
    • Dagon’s Maw
    • Dory’s Warehouse
    • Landgrave’s Folly
    • Temple of Tharizdun
    • The Skull Dunes
  • Encounters
    • Archipelago
    • Beach
    • Fiendish Whirlpool
    • Shallow Sea
    • Small Dock
  • Sea
    • Agitated
    • Blue
    • Dark Blue
    • Storm
    • Sunny Deep Blue
    • Sunny
    • Sunset
    • Teal
  • Ships 
    • Galley
    • Longship
    • Keelboat
    • Sailing Ship
    • Warship
  • Ship Tokens 
    • Galley
    • Longship
    • Keelboat
    • Rowboat
    • Sailing Ship
    • Warship
For a demo on how the sea maps and ship tokens work, click HERE.
Dagon's Maw CZRPG Map Preview
The Skull Dunes CZFRPG Map Preview
Temple of Tharizdun CZRPG Map Preview
Landgrave's Folly CZRPG Map Preview
Dory's Warehouse CZRPG Map Preview

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The Team

The product was written by Jack Duncan and edited by Kathleen Harrington. Christian Zeuch managed the project, created the maps and the layout.

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Layout Preview

The Full-Size Preview contains the entire product, but here’s a peek if you don’t want to wait for the PDF to load.

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