Van Richten’s Pocketbook to Ravenloft

This supplement nets you:

☠️5 fleshed out Domains of Dread!
☠️2 new player subclasses!
☠️Lycan lineage!
☠️New maps, magic items and monsters!





Van Richten’s Pocketbook to Ravenloft is a 5e supplement that provides players options for Ravenloft and brand new Domains of Dread. Each of these domain provides you with interesting and detailed lore, background, locations, NPCs, adventure hooks, a map and detailed information on the darklords, including their stat blocks.

What's Included

A beautifully laid out 77-page PDF containing stunning artwork and:

  • Five detailed Domains of Dread
  • Over a dozen new monsters
  • A new race, subclasses, and magic items for player characters
  • Five full-color maps, one for every domain, in the following four different versions:
    • With labels
    • No labels
    • Roll20 – with labels
    • Roll20 – no labels
Race Header
Class Options
Dromeria Header
Dromeria Pages
Gaol Header
Gaol Pages
Isrige Header
Isrige Pages
Rotwald Header
Rotwald Pages
Scelus Header
Scelus Pages
The team
The author and writer of this book was Jack Weighill, and the editor was Hiten DaveChristian Zeuch did the layout and the maps.


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General Pages


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