Barovian Born and Raised

Play Curse of Strahd with a TRUE motivation: as Barovians tired of Strahd’s oppression! Get Barovian Born and Raised by the Mithral best-selling author Wyatt Trull!

This supplement provides player and DM options to step up your game!



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Experience Curse of Strahd like never before with Barovian Born and Raised—a grim reimagining of Curse of Strahd in which the country’s saviors are not strangers from beyond the Mists, but native Barovians who have had enough. Stand boldly against the Devil Strahd as a human, dusk elf, or even goliath, and bring justice to Castle Ravenloft—or join the countless heroes who failed to slay Strahd von Zarovich.

Product Contents

Chapter 1 — Player Primer: Create your character with a bevy of hooks related to your ancestry, class, and background. The chapter goes through each resident ancestry of modern Barovia, including aasimar, tieflings, and the newly added goliaths. Determine your family and friends, discover the origin of your class, and other events of your bleak and miserable life! This chapter is spoiler-free and safe for players.

Chapter 2 — Behind the Screen: As the Dungeon Master, link your players’ characters to the campaign in ways never possible with an ordinary run of Curse of Strahd!

Chapter 3 — Citizens of Strahd: Learn how to run the campaign when its heroes hail from Barovia itself. The chapter goes through the campaign’s many mysteries and offers new adventure hooks to start the campaign.

Appendix A — Player Handouts: As citizens of Barovia, your heroes are already acquainted with much of Barovian lore, which you can communicate through these printer-friendly handouts.

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The Team

The product was written by Wyatt Trull, a Mithral best-selling author, and was edited by Matthew Wulf. Christian Zeuch managed the project and worked on the layout and art direction.

Layout Preview

The Full-Size Preview contains the entire product, but here’s a peek if you don’t want to wait for the PDF to load.

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