The Great Trial: Halloween

The Great Trial: Halloween is designed to challenge Level 1 parties with a small dungeon filled with dangers!

It’s a one-page adventure that lasts from 2 to 4h.

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The Great Trial: Halloween is a one-page adventure for four 1st-level characters. It consists of a short dungeon designed specifically to challenge novice adventures. It’s focused on the exploration and combat pillars, having only three social opportunities.

The Great Trial

I released the first module back in February and in September, I released its sequel: The Great Trial Frostbite.

These adventures are meant to test the players and their characters and take them to the edge of their skills.

Aenor Gleenwith, a powerful elven mage, started to build the first Trial after realizing that he hadn’t left his mark in this world. He wanted to enter the hall of legends besides Acererak and Halaster, so he used more experienced adventurers, often capturing them, to test the Trials for him.

This time, he wanted something for beginners, and so this Trial crypt was born.


A 1st-level dungeon for 4 players that should take 3 to 4 hours to run. It contains combat, traps, and simple puzzles. You will find:

  • A high quality PNG file with the adventure containing:
    • The DM version of the map
    • Guidelines on how to run it
    • Mechanical descriptions of all rooms
    • Summarized background and endings
  • 7 High Quality maps:
    • DM version (30×40 sq)
    • Player version (30×40 sq)
    • Player version – Gridless
    • Player version – Light (30×40 sq)
    • Player version – Gridless Light
    • Player version – Dark Light (30×40 sq)
    • Player version – Gridless Dark Light

Is your group up to this Challenge? Go find out!

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