Maraxax’s Domain


Maraxax’s Domain is a dungeon based on terror, suspense and gore. Guaranteed tension!

A standalone dungeon from 5th to 7th level that will shock and awe your players!





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*** WARNING: this adventure contains strong scenes and descriptions that may not be suitable for all groups. It’s heavy on horror, suspense, and gore. The entire adventure is available in the Full Preview, so that you can assess the content and buy in confidence. ***

[Youtube video from this product at the end of the page]

This is a 5e adventure for four to six characters starting at 5th level and finishing at 7th level .

The main theme of the adventure is horror, using suspense elements as well as gore and sick scenes to shock your players.

The adventure is divided into two parts: the first involves a mad vampire spawn who tortures as a hobby; it’s full of scary stuff like you see in horror movies. The second part involves a lesser demon lord stuck in a kind of inverted world (Stranger Things/Silent Hill style) who has a dreadful passion for a very disturbing and wicked art.

There are tips on how to set the mood and make your players actually tense or even scared.

What’s included?

  • A dungeon with 17 pages, containing two levels (same layout though)
  • A Resource file with links to a Youtube video to be used in certain parts to set the mood
  • Two high quality versions of the map: DM and player versions

Here’s a comment from a customer who played the previous version (taken from the Teaser in Youtube — link below):

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Layout Preview

The Full-Size Preview contains the entire product, but here’s a peek if you don’t want to wait for the PDF to load.

Preview of Part 1Preview of Part 2