Dark Hexes & Horrible Diseases

Add flavor and challenges to your Ravenloft game with this D&D 5e. It adds flavor, lore and challenges to your Ravenloft game by providing 17 curses & diseases to inflict pain upon your party.



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This D&D 5e supplement will provide you with ways to enhance your Ravenloft games by introducing brand new curses and diseases customized for the Domains of Dread. You can fit them into your game to add additional challenges and lore to your party.


A beautifully laid out 23-page PDF containing stunning artwork and:

The product provides:

  • 8 diseases
  • 9 curses
  • 2 new statblocks
  • 3 new magic items

The Team

This product was written by Matthias Gildemyn and edited by Jack WeighillChristian Zeuch did the layout.

Layout Preview

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