Countess Von Zarovich

Rediscover the land of Barovia under the domain of the terror-inducing Countess Strahd von Zarovich in this 5e book filled with advice on running Strahd as a non-male villain, and featuring unique, original encounters and NPCs.



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Rediscover the land of Barovia under the domain of the terror-inducing Countess Strahd von Zarovich with this supplement filled with advice on running Strahd as a non-male  villain, and featuring unique, original encounters and NPCs to enhance your adventures in Ravenloft.

“This reimagined take on one of the most classic Ravenloft villains comes not only with a coherent take on Strahd herself, useful to novices wanting to run her for the first time, but also features incredibly inspiring and thoughtful worldbuilding suggestions that show the original module in a completely new light.  For DMs both new and old – a masterclass on how to run a female Strahd or any female villain compellingly!” —Ziopliukas. Curse of Strahd DM. Twice Bitten Producer; r/CurseOfStrahd head moderator.

“Sometimes when we change elements of a pre-written adventure we are not fully aware of the butterfly effect this can have on a given story or even on the characters that populate it. This guide helps prepare Dungeon Masters not only for running a female Strahd but also for the complexities of building a living society. Give this guide a chance for a slight change of perspective – it just might be what you need for your own home game.” —Wan. Curse of Strahd DM.

“Jija’s guide goes much deeper than ‘here is a gender-flipped, legacy character.’ The addition of the witch coven of Berez and the changes to the Countess’ relationships tell a clear, alternate story, but the addition of the extensive materials for DMs to reflect on why they are making the change make this a supplement for every DM running Curse of Strahd. The module (and vampires generally) already deals so extensively with sexuality and gender, and this supplement can help guide even the most sure-footed DM through (safely) playing an apex predator.” The Aciduous Adventurer. Author of The Interactive Tome of Strahd.

“Thoughtful, tasteful, prim and proper guide offering a deep cut analysis covering the many facets of the dangerous she-vampire done right.” —MrDeath. Curse of Strahd DM.

What’s included?

A beautifully laid out 62-page PDF containing stunning artwork. Within its pages you will:

  • Find a comprehensive primer on gender-swapping and how to avoid falling into tired stereotypes. You can use this advice for Strahd or any NPC you choose!
  • Meet new NPCs and revisit new dynamics with some familiar names
  • Learn to gaslight like it is an artform
  • Discover alternative to the RAW Tatyana-Strahd backstory
  • Read a 8-page long, fully fledged new biography for Countess Strahd
  • Incorporate new encounters and micro-events, including maps
  • Befriend (or not, players’ choice!) the Witches Coven that has settled in the ruins of Berez
  • Explore our compendium of historical villainous women as well as recommendations of fictional media to further inspire your Countess Strahd
Find some map previews below:
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The Team

This guide was written by Jija and edited by Kathleen HarringtonChristian Zeuch managed the project and created the maps and the layout.

Layout Preview

The Full-Size Preview contains the entire product, but here’s a peek if you don’t want to wait for the PDF to load.

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