What I learned so far in TTRPG Marketing

Marketing is a highly complex topic. However I quickly learned that it is a key differentiator to achieve financial success in the TTRPG business. So even though I wasn’t too fond with the topic, I started to learn tricks here and there. I’d like to share some of these with you. I’ll do so explaining […]

How to be cost-effective with Art in a TTRPG product

fantasy forest background illustration painting

Following up on my latest post, I’d like to bring information about what I learned so far in regards to deal with art while being cost-effective. Art can be a hurdle for many people as it could be quite challenging to find decent art at low to no cost. Let’s discuss some options that are […]

Update on my TTRPG Experience: 5-digits in 6 months, part-time

At the very end of 2020, I wrote a blog post about my experience with TTRPG publishing for that year, which was my first one. Half of 2021 has gone through now, the pandemic still in place, though with vaccines and hopefully a light at the end of the tunnel.  I want to provide an […]

Analysis between Solo and Collaboration projects on DMsGuild


And I’m back on blog posts focused on TTRPG content creators. This time I want to address an interesting topic: the differences between working alone (solo) and with other people (collabs). So far, I’ve worked a fair share on solo projects (both involving writing and/or cartography) but since 2021, I’ve been involved exclusively in collabs. […]

Running Official Modules from Wizards

It’s been a while since I don’t address you, DMs! I’ve been focusing a bit more on content creators but I haven’t forgotten about you. There are all kinds of Dungeon Masters, but many share  a common situation: lack of time. We’ve all been there (I still am). You have your own world to think […]

How To Get Started in Cartography

Last month, in February, I talked about Reducing Production Costs And Increasing Profits With Cartography. However I didn’t go into details on cartography itself, so this is going to be the topic for March’s post.  Step 1: The Tool First thing you need to decide is HOW you will execute the mapping. Are you an […]

Reducing Production Costs and Increasing Profits with Cartography

I bet that the first two part of the title caught your interest as a content creator and this is a blog post based on my experience. It may not work for everyone, but if this works for YOU, it would greatly benefit your business. let’s go straight onto the topic, but first a brief […]

Analyzing my DMsGuild Production Costs vs Profits

Last year, at the very end, I wrote a blog post sharing my experience with publishing TTRPG content in 2020. I went into financial details as well as I provided some key takeaways I had on that year. My goal is to further detail some aspects of the publishing and creation process, in addition to […]

How I made USD 5k in my first 10 months with TTRPG Content Creation

Hello! By end of February, before the pandemic hit, I released my first paid module on DMsGuild.  I also started my TTRPG Twitter account, with incredible ZERO followers (as expected). Nobody knew me. Many still don’t! But I’ll share with you my journey from March, when I got my first sale, to today. A TLDR […]

Inkarnate Pro Battle View – Timelapses

Since Inkarnate announced the Battle View feature, I was hooked and hyped! It’s been a while since it’s been out there and I’d like to share two Timelapse I did using it. It’s really good to use and provides a great alternative to DungeonDraft, which I still use in some cases. Both applications are great, […]