Encounters in Icewind Dale Cover Cover

“This is a seriously impressive array of encounters of all shapes and sizes with all manner of ways to approach them. […]
The maps are gorgeous and Zeuch clearly knows what he is doing and has a passion for aesthetic and playable maps, as well as adding their own great creatures and chilly variants to bring new life to the cold north.” – Curse of Sebs

Encounters in Icewind Dale is a 5e supplement that consists of 24 encounters ranging from short to long one, some even could be considered micro-adventures!

The supplement is meant to enrich your game, whether it passes in Icewind Dale or in any other arctic setting!

The encounters are based on exploration, social interaction and combat! The combat encounters vary between level 1 and 7.

What’s included?

  • A beautifully laid out PDF with 58 pages 
  • 13 new creatures
  • 3 new magic items
  • 17 unique, detailed maps, with a total of 32 counting their different version, 7 of which are Random Encounter maps
Check the layout preview below!
Icewind Dale Preview
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