This week, you get two freebies!

The Elfsong tavern: A color Map

One of my upcoming releases for the coming months (roughly March/April) is Deeper Descent into Avernus, which is being written by Azzael Ulbrinter. One of the encounters will be a revamp for the Elfsong Tavern, and since the official module has a black and white map, I recreated it as a color version. The video below starts from the basic version: a color version with similar assets to those present in the BW map. However, the map still looked very bland. So this commented video shows my process of putting details in a map! Click on the image below to access the video!

The War Wagon Map and Statblock

The second freebie is a map and vehicle stat block for you to incorporate in your game. The War Wagon is a powerful, armored stagecoach that can be used to transport high value items in a safe and secure manner. The reason that led to its construction will depend on what use you’ll give to this beastly wagon, so here are some suggestions:

  • Used to safely move money and bonds between your nation’s banks, it was built by a team of engineers, artificers and wizards, with the consulting of a crew of former robbers  that now work providing insights and exposing weaknesses so big businesses can improve their security
  • Extremely paranoid and tired of having lost high sums of gold, the king decided to put an end to this and hired the best artificer he could find in his country, giving him a simple task and the freedom to execute it
  • A big and evil organization invested an obscene amount of money to create the perfect war machine, using it to wreck havoc in the nation, stealing merchants, killing guard patrols and even using it to kidnap high value targets

Click on the images below to access high resolution versions. 

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