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Here we go again!!! 


I’m past half-way with the Kickstarter and it’s doing great! Thank you for your support! 

If you haven’t backed it yet, I wouldn’t mind you supporting me with that. It would be the BEST birthday gift!!

A reminder of what you get by backing it:

  • 8 drop-locations with lore and which can optionally be an adventure
  • 56 encounters
  • 64 maps
  • All that in 220+ gorgeous pages

In terms of maps, you can get over 300 digital versions, and/or all 64 in a physical, printed version!

In case you haven’t download it yet, here’s the FREE 46-page PDF preview.


Amazing Encounters Funded

About the exclusive content for November, here it goes. It’s called “Hunger!” It involves poor townsfolk who fell prey to a MIMIC MAUSOLEUM! There’s a nice graveyard map with different versions to run this epic fight!! Check one of the versions below. Oh, and the mimic has a FULL-PAGE stat block!!

  • Get all 12 versions of the map here;
  • Download the 4-page PDF here.

Countess von Zarovich

This product has been in the works for several months and it’s finally out! Aside from myself, the whole team (writer, consultant, and editor) are all female. We understand that this product isn’t for everyone and that’s fine. But we know there are people interested in such content, so here it goes! Learn more about it below. It’s a beautifully laid out 62-page PDF containing stunning artwork. Within its pages you will:

  • Find a comprehensive primer on gender-swapping and how to avoid falling into tired stereotypes. You can use this advice for Strahd or any NPC you choose!

  • Meet new NPCs and revisit new dynamics with some familiar names

  • Learn to gaslight like it is an artform

  • Discover alternative to the RAW Tatyana-Stradh backstory

  • Read a 8-page long, fully fledged new biography for Countess Strahd

  • Incorporate new encounters and micro-events, including maps

  • Befriend (or not, players’ choice!) the Witches Coven that has settled in the ruins of Berez

  • Explore our compendium of historical villainous women as well as recommendations of fictional media to further inspire your Countess Strahd

NOTE: Discount valid until Nov 20th!

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