FREE Maps – Mountain Pass + Halloween Map

Before I go into the maps, just a reminder about my Kickstarter which is running. If you haven’t backed yet, consider doing so as you’ll get amazing content to save prep time while stepping up your game! 

Amazing Encounters Funded

The Maps!

You’ll find 2 maps (3 version) that you can use in your games. They’re all 20×20 squares and 2048×2048 resolution. The first one is part of November’s exclusive content, so you’ll get it again with all the versions, the encounter and a brand new creature: a mimic mausoleum!!
But since it’s Halloween, I figured I’d give you this version in advance 🙂
The other 2 maps are about a mountain pass with some tunnels, a map which will be part of my Kickstarter. Feel free to be mean to your characters on that map. We sure will be in the content too 😛
To download them, click on the maps and right-click on the expanded image to save it to your computed.

Ravenloft Bundle

This bundle contains 8 best-sellers from CZRPG and you get them at 50% only until Monday, Nov 1st! So hurry up! If you already own some of these, the platform will identify this and remove them from the pricing.

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