October Exclusive Content

Lots of good stuff this week…. Again!

Starting with a fully fledged encounter from my upcoming Kickstarter, Amazing Encounters & Places. It’s called “The Way Up” and playtesters had fun times running though it. Get the 4-page PDF HERE.

I would greatly appreciate if you could notify to the project. This will help ensuring that you can get the Day 1 reward, a short adventure called “The Hunt” in which the party will face the Everhungry, a ruthless hunter creature which will give your party a hard time! This adventure will come with a 60×60 map which becomes actually 9 20×20 with 70 versions!!!

And NEXT Friday, I’ll give you the Sky Isles location IN FULL! All of it! The lore, the overarching plot, all 7 encounters, all 7 new creatures with over 15 statblocks. EVERYTHING! 



About the exclusive content for October, here it goes. It’s called “Take it Slow!

  • Get all 8 versions of the map here;
  • Download the 2-page PDF here.

Make sure to check out and follow Phoenix Iwaki. A D&D live plays of character focused, heavily adapted, published modules! Equal parts adventure, laughs, heroics & feels! Japan-based DM with players across the globe! Come hang out on this friendly channel, and we love interacting in chat!! Here’s their schedule.

Something REALLY COOL is that they’ll start a new campaign that will be published by CZRPG!! Next Friday, on the 22nd, they’ll stream the first session for Chessenta’s Tyranny and I’ll be a guest in it!! How nice is that!? Check the trailers about this campaign and learn more about it here.

If you want to learn more about Operation Supply Drop, a charity event involving veterans, check this.

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