First Week of August Content

Without further due, you’ll find here the good stuff I mentioned in the email.

Huge 120×60 Wilderness Map

This is a 20MB map so be patient while it loads. Click on the image below to access it full-size and download it. Then run an encounter with Tier 3 characters being attacked by 100 goblins and see them despair 🙂
Just kidding… Or maybe not.
If you like this map, make sure to scroll down this page.

Street, Markets, and Graveyard Map Pack Revamp

This pack is now called Urban Action Map Pack and I spent quite a few hours this week to make a few things:
  • I created a brand new rooftops map for some chase action;
  • I updated the trees of all the other maps;
  • I added light effects;
  • I added advanced shading effects.

Make sure to go to your DMsGuild Library and download the updated stuff 🙂

See below a preview of the updated maps.

New Map Packs on DTRPG

If you liked the huge wilderness map above, you may consider getting the Ultimate Wilderness Map Pack, which contains a total of 84 maps versions all 60×60 or bigger (775MB zip file). With commercial use, if that helps. And you can get it at 20% OFF, meaning 10 cents of USD per version. See some previews below.

In addition, I recently released the Ultimate River Map Pack, which brings you a total of 68 maps versions all 60×60 or bigger (500MB zip file). Also with commercial use, along with 15 tokens. You can also get it at 20% OFF. See some previews below.
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