Realistic-Style Maps?

This is my realistic-style version of the Sword Coast from the Forgotten Realms. My Map portfolio has the clean version, without labels. They are both on 8k resolution.

This is a map of The Old Empires without the labels. The land within the green highlighted area is the new Chessenta, which will be which in the Chessenta’s Tyranny project, a campaign module from 1st-level to 10th-level. 

Free Battlemap!

Ok, here’s another map for you this month. It’s going to be featured the upcoming in Encounters in Saltmarsh, but it’s already available on the DMsGuild, DTRPG and Shard VTT Marketplace along with other maps and ship tokens, perfect for your naval explorations.

This 30×30 beach map at 4k resolution can really bring life to an encounter in such a location. Maybe the party gets to that beach via rowboat and an ambush awaits, the enemies hiding behind the rocks or among the trees. What if the opposite happens? The party notices a ship close to that shore and waits for some of the crew to land at that beach, getting the jump on them. 

Or… WERESHARKS!!! Jumping out of the water while they turn into the hybrid form (yes, a bit too cinematic, but COOL!). Anyways, it’s up to you 🙂

Hope you enjoy the map!

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