Wilderness Spring Map and its 11 versions!

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A Planty Ambush

Encounter Level: 4-7

Encounter Location: any forest /  Feywild forest (Feywild version of the map)

Encounter Overview: a plant elemental (see below) has taken a small portion of a forest as its own and became very protective of it, engaging with the party in combat.


In the Material Plane version (map above), the elemental got stuck and couldn’t go back to the Feywild. It has taken the vicinity of a nice spring under its protection, attacking any creature that could be a danger to the wilderness.

In the Feywild version, this spring is the elemental’s favorite spot. The elemental’s presence is affecting the surroundings, changing their properties, causing some fish and plants to glow in different colors. The elemental is also very protective of its home in this version.

The Encounter

In the occasion that any character wields a slashing weapon like a sword or axe, the elemental will wait to try to ambush them from the best spot: if the party goes through the small rift, it attacks as its lurking around it. The elemental is in fact the many bushes on the rifts edges. In case they take another route, it attacks them once they are close enough to it even if no character is wielding a slashing weapon.

In the Material Plane version, a rare type of mushroom is growing inside the hollow log. They can be sold for 10 gp each and there are five of them.

In the Feywild version, the bright, green light comes from a frog that is hiding inside the log. 

Plant Elemental

Guardians. Plant Elementals are guardians of sacred forests, portals to the feywild, and other places with powerful natural energy. They are often created by fey and are fiercely protective of their territory. 

Life Center. At the center of every plant elemental’s being is its core. The core holds the plant elemental together and gives it sentience and life. The plant elemental protects its center with rocks, roots, and vines but a single lucky hit through its defenses can send it reeling. A plant elemental’s core is quite valuable to powerful wizards and archdruids and they will pay a high price even for a damaged one.

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