Here are new creatures for you!

As you noticed in last week’s email, I sent out a new creature along with the map and encounter. I intend to do this every month. So here are the Jan/Feb creatures for you!! The Harpy Matriarch and Dent and Glow Head. Art by Bob Greyvenstein from Grim Press.

There are their stat blocks, which you can incorporate in your games and even in my previous encounter maps!

The Great Trial: Dunes is in the oven!

I recently presented Aenor to you, his story and statblocks. I also provided you a desert map. Here’s the cover and also the map of the Desert of Valor! Stay tuned for this Friday release of this challenge, a survival adventure that goes from level 1 to 4, with old school vibes, containing a hexcrawl, puzzles, trials, and challenges of all kinds to truly defy your party!! WILL THY SURVIVE? I know Aenor will, as you can see in the video below.

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