March Map – Cave Encounter

Caves are quite common when travelling through a forest or mountain. So this month, you get a cave map! Click here to get the map, all its variations and its timelapse.


The Encounter – Giant Phase Spider

This encounter is meant for a level 6 party but you could add additional standard phase spiders in case the characters are currently on a higher level. Ideally, have this as a last encounter during the day. When approaching this region for any reason the party may have, have them be surrounded by 3d4+4 giant wolf spiders. They will not engage the party if they go into the cave as they are aware of the giant phase spider (see below) that killed some of them already and took their cave and claimed it as its own lair. So the party could decide to stay in the woods and face off the giant wolf spiders, they could retreat to the cave to get terrain advantage, although spiders have Spider Climb, or they could even kill all spiders in the forest and still go inside the cave. This would make the party having to deal with two rather difficult combats. To fix this, you could reduce the giant phase spider’s hit points assuming that the wolf spiders fought it but lost and retreated to the forest. 

Strategy for the Giant Phase Spider 

The spider attacks with surprise from the Ethereal Plane. Roll for initiative. The spider will try to catch as many characters as possible with its web and then focus on those that were not caught, attacking them and retreating to the Ethereal Plane. It will always try to position itself in the most advantageous way, even if it means taking attacks of opportunity. In case the party attempts to flee, it will not chase them down as it doesn’t want the wolf spiders to reclaim their cave.

Lore on the Giant Phase Spiders

Phase Spiders lay thousands of eggs during the breeding season, but normally no more than a few dozen survive into adulthood. Sometimes one phase spider is born larger, stronger, and meaner than all the rest. These phase spiders devour their siblings: absorbing their venom.  

Solitary Hunters. Giant phase spiders are usually solitary hunters, but occasionally will protect their offspring until they fully mature. They use their venom to drag victims into the ethereal plane where they can be devoured without leaving evidence of their unfortunate demise.  


Additional Map – The Great Trial: Dunes

Editing on The Great Trial: Dunes is done! Layout is about to start and you can expect to be able to test your party’s survivability next week! In the meantime, here’s a map that will be featured in the product.


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