Deeper Descent into Avernus Cover

Deeper Descent into Avernus is a 5e supplement that provides a series of encounters and events that will enrich the experience of your players when playing Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus. Some of the encounters are alternate versions of events presented in the official module, accompanying revamped, official maps in color for a better VTT experience.

What’s included?

A beautifully laid out 38-page PDF containing beautiful artwork and:

  • 21 encounters and micro-adventures 
  • 4 new statblocks for creatures and infernal war machines
  • 12 unique maps, 61 total with different versions that include grid or gridless and light or dark versions
List of Maps:
  • Locations
    • Bel’s Forge
    • Elfsong Tavern (ground and upper floors)
    • Elturel’s Grand Cemetery (ground and catacombs levels)
    • Hellwasp Nest
    • Styx Watchtower
  • Random Encounters
    • Demon Ichor Swamp
    • Scrapyard
    • Styx River
    • Wasteland and Chains
    • Wasteland and Lava

The Team

The product was written by Azzel Ulbrinter and edited by Kathleen Harrington. Christian Zeuch managed the project, created the maps and the layout.

Check the layout preview below!
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