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This campaign module is under production since early 2021 and will bring you a bit more of the Forgotten Realms for 5e… But outside for the Sword Coast! This product will explore the Old Empires, focusing on Chessenta. You’ll get access to a gazeteer for that region, as well as a couple settlements, besides the main attraction: the campaign that will take your party from 1st-level to 10th-level. 

Chessenta’s Tyranny is about Shala Karanok, the war hero who defeated the evil dragon Tchazzar and decided to put an end to the endless internal conflicts that ravage Chessenta for centuries. Before she ended the wars that the Chessentan citi-states were waging on and on, she gave them a last war. This time against an external enemy: Unther. She stroke them after they were weakened from a Tymanther attack and conquered the nation.

She then started implementing her actions to bring peace to the nation once and for all. However, she ended up becoming a tyrant as we would do anything to ensure that her ideas and plans would be executed. After over a decade of measures, the people now suffers with high taxes, a slight hint of hunger, and their weapons were taken. All this enforced by strict laws and severe punishment.

The party will have a chance to start a rebellion to rise against this tyranny, though they will find out at the very end that a greater evil threatens the nation. Will they side with Shala to defeat this threat?

Find below more information on the project. 

The Team

I’m the Project Manager, Cartographer and also one of the Writers. The project counts with other 2 writers:

  •  Beatriz T Dias: she has worked on several DMsGuild products, including Mask of Theros
  • Priscilla Lagares: she worked on the Cities of Myth: Atlantis kickstarter and is bringing important insights based on the Griffon novels

In terms of artist, we have Mike Zairos working on some of the art we commissioned for this product (see below some examples). 

The layout artist will be Steve Fidler who worked on the Almarune’s series, Mythic Encounters and more. A very experienced layout artist.

Chris Hopper is our Chessenta/Old Empires consultant, providing feedback and ensuring our project will follow the 

Finally, the editor is Rachel Savicki who worked on the Adaptable NPCs, among other projects.

The Art

Check out some of the art we got from Mike, so far.
Shala Karanok

Shala Karanok, the War Hero

Mysterious NPC

Chariss, the party’s mentor

Zahala the Merciless

Malaggar T’sazza, leader of the former Silence of the Night thieve’s guild


Skuld, Mulhorand’s capital

Project Update

Currently, chapters 1, 2, 3 and 5 are written, with 4 ad 6 being written.

Chapter 5 is about to start with playtest and Chapters 1 to 3 are done with editing. 

Chapters 1 to 3 are introduction and gazeteers chapters, while chapters 4 to 6 are the campaign itself.