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Join thousands of Dungeon Masters who have upped their game and impressed their players!

Lacking time or inspiration to provide a great D&D session? Can't find the perfect map for your session or product?

Maybe your session or product will still be cool, but not as much as you wanted. You worry if your group is enjoying the game or you get frustrated on how you’ll handle the map topic in your product.

Being a DM or TTRPG content creator is not always easy! I get it. So much on our shoulders! Get the right content or map, joining thousands of customers that have impressed their players

Here's What You Can Expect...​

High quality D&D 5e content

Amazing content with fantastic presentation to save you time and make you look good

Uniquely detailed map packs

Provides the right map for most situations in order to deliver a thrilling VTT combat

Customized maps

Tailored visual props through high quality maps made for you to impress your players. Perfect for VTTs!

Amaze your players!

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Provide a Unique Experience!

Dealing with the adventure, the plot, the characters, the NPCs, the encounters, the maps… All that can be quite stressful.

Let me help you! You don’t need to do everything on your own. With my D&D 5e content like modules and supplements along with my fantasy maps, you’ll provide a unique experience to your group. You’ll feel good about yourself and much more relieved.

My very detailed maps can also help you provide descriptions on the fly!

See what other Dungeon Masters/RPG Creators have to say!

“[…] I needed some ultra realistic maps, so I turned to my friend Christian who did some phenomenal works creating maps, even in 4k. These maps were so good that I was able to blow them up to 16×20 […] It’s been a game changer for me, in my campaign, and I would highly recommend him. He does phenomenal work. You won’t be disappointed.”

Doug Shoemaker

“[…] The encounters and maps that he provides are absolutely stunning, and they make my life super easy.”[…] I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of their new Patreon.[…]CZRPG, save prep time, impress your players. You’ll be glad you did. I know I am.”

DM Charlie

Here's what you'll get...

This is what you can expect from my products or services. All to ensure that you get the best customer experience!

Beautiful Products

My products are created with great detail, providing amazing layout and eye-catching artwork so you can use as visual reference during your game.

Full Previews

All of my products have a complete full-on the DMsGuild so you can assess the product content and quality.

Commercial Use

All of my Maps and Map Packs have a Commercial Use license which allows you to use the maps in your RPG products.


If for some reason you end up not liking any of my products, contact me and I’ll send over another product of your choice of similar price.

Have questions? We have answers!

I have no doubt about that! But why go through the trouble of all this extra work while you could be focusing your efforts on who really matters: the characters and the story! Leave this part to me while you focus on what matters most.

So far, I have many urban, wilderness, desert, jungle, arctic, sewers, among other kinds of maps. I intend to create more maps over time and publish them, but if you need something more personalized, I can make that happen!

Good observations skills! This is because I use two very popular map making tools: DungeonDraft and Inkarnate, though I use the latter much more. The main cons of Inkarnate and DD are their recognizable styles, but Inkarnate gets better by the day, and in my opinion it’s the best mapping tool around. Most people will not notice the similarities.

That’s fair! I got your back. Contact me and let me know what did my product lack, what made you think it sucks. Also tell me which of my product you would like with a similar price from the product you didn’t like and I will send it over to you! Sounds good?

When I create a module or supplement, I will usually extract the maps and create a separated product: a map pack. The reason why there is no cross-discounts between the products is because ALL of my map packs have Commercial Use. So sometimes it’s worth buying the module/supplement as opposed to the map pack! But even so, my map packs have a very accessible price.


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