CZRPG Mega Bundle

100 maps, 800 versions! 

113k 5ft-squares, 2.8M ft²

Access all this content by signing up to the All In tier on our Patreon*.

Bundle Content

Arctic Maps – 10 maps (95 versions) – 6100 squares – 156.5k ft²

Creepy Wilderness – 13 maps (143 versions) – 5306 squares – 132.7k ft²

Coastal Maps – 8 maps (68 versions) – 13,600 squares – 340k ft²
Desert Maps – 6 maps (25 versions) – 2800 squares – 70k ft²
Fey Wilderness – 11 maps (101 versions) – Variations from Forest Wilderness

Forest Wilderness – 14 maps (132 versions) – 9,328 squares – 233.2k ft²
Jungle Wilderness – 10 maps (37 versions) – 7748 squares – 193.7k ft²
Hell Maps – 7 maps (37 versions) – 2700 squares – 67.5k ft²
Huge Wilderness – 4 maps (104 versions) – 50,400 squares – 1.26M ft²
Mountain Wilderness – 13 maps (119 versions) – 7,128 squares – 178.2k ft²
Swamp Maps – 5 maps (72 versions) – 5700 squares – 142.5k ft²
Urban Locations – 22 maps (99 versions) – 8331 squares – 208.3k ft²

NOTE: this covers an ingame area to fill New Zealand, or the US state of Colorado!!

* CZRPG’s Patreon is a joint effort between myself and Mimicmaps.

Coastal Maps

Desert Maps

Huge Wilderness

Mountain Wilderness

Swamp Maps

Becoming a Patron also nets you this (depending on the Tier):

Weekly Battlemaps

In total, you get 4 maps (30×30+), one per week, plus a bonus FREE map

Weekly Encounters

You get 4 encounters, one for each map, which can be tied into an adventure with the location plot 

Drop-In Location

A location with Lore, art, and an Overarching Plot. You also get a brand new creature with commissioned art

Have Questions? We've Got Answers

No. If all you want are maps and you’re not interested in the weekly/monthly content that we’ll provide through Patreon, you can cancel your subscription. If you’re interested in the content and don’t need a Commercial License, you can change to the Ultimate DM tier. Note that once our first goal is reached, the All In will provide Foundry VTT content, ready to use!

Depends on the use. [FURTHER DEFINE THE LICENSE].

Yes. As more maps are created by Christian Zeuch, they’ll be included in the Bundle. 

It’s Christian Zeuch. The bundle is composed of maps from CZRPG’s back catalog. The new maps for the Patreon are created by Mimics Map.

This bundle was up for 2 weeks on DrivethruRPG as a Holiday deal. While some maps are indeed repeated, the themes below were NOT part of that deal. Even if you got that DTRPG deal, this mega bundle here is still going to be quite worth your while.

  • Creepy
  • Desert
  • Jungle
  • Hell
  • Urban
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