Here are the answers to some questions that may be going through your mind, Dungeon Master!

What if I don’t like your stuff?

That’s fair! I got your back. Contact me and let me know what did my product lack, what made you think it sucks. Also let me know which other product from either DMsGuild or DTRPG you would like with a similar price from the product you didn’t like and I will send it over to you! Sounds good? 

Why isn’t your name on all your covers?

Sometimes I invite other writers to work with me on specific projects, just as I write for other people too from time to time! My name will be on the cover when I write or contribute to the products ideas or written content. Nothing to worry about, I carefully select who I work with!

I am not a Dungeon Master. What now?

In that case, if your focus is purely playing, I won’t be able to help you directly, but I can sure help your DM! Send my website to them and see how your game will be greatly impacted! Now, if you are looking to start into the DM world, I can help you with some mapping tips and skills!

Why some of your map packs have repeated maps?

When I create a module or supplement, I will usually extract the maps and create a separated product: a map pack. The reason why there is no cross-discounts between the products is because ALL of my map packs have Commercial Use. So sometimes it’s worth buying the module/supplement as opposed to the map pack! But even so, my map packs have a very accessible price.