My goal is to provide amazing content with fantastic presentation, supported by uniquely detailed maps.

Nobody knows your group better than you. I’m pretty sure you go above and beyond to provide your players a great experience, and I also know that this costs you time. Finding the perfect map, coming up with exciting encounters, building a whole new adventure just for them. You’re great at that! 

But with over 20 years of experience in Dungeons & Dragons, I am prepared to help lighten your burden, by providing beautifully laid out &D 5e modules and supplements that will greatly enhance your game. On top of that, you can get wonderful maps for your Virtual Tabletop experience!

Save time!

With my products, you don’t need to spend time enhancing official modules or coming up with yet additional content on top of everything you already do for your players!

Beautiful Products!

I praise for high quality so I aim to deliver products that look good, with great layout and gorgeous artwork! Share them with your players to impress them!

Wonderful maps!

Most of my modules and supplement provide dozens of detailed color maps. You can also find specific map packs to meet your specific needs. 

Do you need something customized?

I also take commission, either for maps or for writing. My rates vary depending on the kind of work you need, but I have experience in adventure writing, encounter and monster design, along with extensive mapping experience to provide you with a map that will awe your players! Use the Contact form to let me know what you need and get the conversation going.